What I do

I make finance create value

My select services are all focused on being at the forefront of integrating finance and sustainability. Infinsus is all about creating value through integrated thinking in all business aspects. Both corporates as well as financial services providers are among my clients.

My long-standing asset management experience with cross-overs to corporate governance, integrated reporting and international board position, equips me with a wide perspective on the integration of finance and sustainability. Value creation and true integration can’t be done without integrated thinking.


Go along with value creation

Regulatory Reporting & Data

What are the hygiene factors and what are a core value drivers? How can better ESG data support your reporting process and internal decision-making? How do you implement CSRD, SFDR, CSDDD, ISSB S1 and S2 and other regulatory requirements?

Stakeholder Inclusion

Who are your stakeholders? How can you translate external expectations into decision-useful information? How can you integrate responsible business conduct into daily practices? What is dynamic materiality and how can you implement it?

Strategy & Value Creation

How do you create value in a multi-capital context? How are resources and relations connected to your business model? How does your governance, strategy and risk management contribute to your value creation process? Have you integrated finance and sustainability in all business aspects?

Responsible Investing

How do you integrate ESG in all asset classes? What do asset owners expect? What makes engagement effective? How can you improve your ESG data? What makes impact? How do you balance responsible investment techniques and investment performance? Can you measure impact or the effectiveness of engagement?

Get started with integrating finance and sustainability.