Let's integrate


Regulatory Reporting & Data

Can new reporting requirements like CSRD turn into a strategic advantage? How can ESG data quality be improved?

Strategy & Value Creation

How do you create value in a multi-capital context? How are resources and relations connected to your business model?

Stakeholder Inclusion

Who are your stakeholders? How are they connected to your value creation process? Which decision-useful information do you miss?

ESG Integration

How do you integrate ESG in all asset classes? What do asset owners expect? What makes engagement effective? How to access high-quality data at low cost?

Integrated thinking

In today's business reality the integration of finance and sustainability is increasingly important in all business aspects.

Regulatory Reporting & Data

How do you start to implement CSRD or ISSB standards? How do you prioritize? How do you get reliable, timely, comparable and complete ESG data to support your reporting process and internal decision-making?

Strategy & Value Creation

How does your governance, strategy and risk management contribute to your value creation process? Have you integrated finance and sustainability in all business aspects? How can you leverage integrated thinking?

Stakeholder Inclusion

Is your inside-out aligned with their outside-in? How can you relate to the Sustainable Development Goals? And how are your mission and purpose aligned? How can you integrate responsible business conduct into daily practices?

Responsible Investing

How can you improve your ESG data? What makes impact? How do you balance responsible investment techniques and investment performance? Can you measure impact or the effectiveness of engagement?

Sustainability is the first step... but insufficient. Integration is crucial to create value.

Integrated reporting can not be done without integrated thinking.

Sustainability and ESG data will get to the same quality level as financial data.

Greenwashing will become the equivalant of accounting fraud.

Institutional investors don't want to guess how a company creates value. You need to tell them.

Impact and outcomes matter. The rest is process.

We need to learn a new way of thinking.

Welcome to the wild-west of sustainability! Do you still have the overview?


We live in a time of significant transitions. Perhaps even paradigm shifts. As in any transition, we will find new ways, new thinking and develop new words.


Expertise is crucial to distinguish between noise and real trends. Vision will show a clear direction. But timing is everything and will separate losers and winners.


Keep wondering about what happens. Stay curious. Success will provoke push backs. Continue seeking the question behind the question. And above all, enjoy!

What is your value creation story? Get started and integrate finance and sustainability to navigate today's business challenges.